Introducing: “The Asylumbed”

Introducing: “The Asylumbed”




Has it been hours, or has it been days?

You glide, motionless and still, from mindfulness to a dream state. You can’t remember the last time you’ve felt so focused. So relaxed. So incredibly comfortable…












So completely helpless.

The AsylumGear AsylumBed™ is like nothing you’ve ever experienced, but it’s everything you’ve always imagined. Immobilizing and utterly inescapable, its 32 customizable ballistic nylon straps allow–or do they force?–you to float above the unique cushioning design. Pressure-points: Virtually eliminated. Joint stresses: Nope. Back support: Ample.

Say goodbye to the frustration of bringing play to an end hours before you’re satisfied. Nothing will feel uncomfortable on an AsylumBed unless it’s supposed to… unless you want it to.






Our tandem innovations of sculpted cushioning and our highly adjustable double-strap split anchoring system lets the AsylumBed and its restraint web contour to individual body shape, size, height, and desired security. This unique design is versatile (even if you’re not): Securely motionless, or secure and flexible like intense, specialized play demands.






Everything that touches your skin or your gear is made in America. Restraints are sewn–not riveted–with every edge perfectly smoothed. Stainless steel fasteners are used exclusively throughout, so there’s no nickel or other impurities to corrode or react with your skin, your gear, or your lube. Fasteners are recessed and hidden, too: Nothing in the design to mar or snag even the most delicate materials, whether you enjoy leather, lace, latex, fur, or soft skin.






Just as important: Loving craftsmanship, German engineering and precision CAD and CNC technology mean the AsylumGear AsylumBed is rock-solid. We’ve tested it to loads over 1,000 pounds without even a hint of movement or structural weakness. Despite its heft, the AsylumBed can be disassembled quickly into pieces that fit stowed under a bed or into a vehicle for easy transport. To look at this monolithic piece, you might not believe this could be possible, but it is. Assemble it once or one hundred times and it stays rock-solid and safe.






And you only need one single tool for assembly. Provided, of course.






Whether you’re begging or bellowing, feasting or feeding, welting, watering, punishing or plowing–or both–it won’t let you down, and it won’t let you go free.

Don’t just take our word for it…..we asked some experienced players what they thought of their AsylumBed experience, and here’s what they told us:

“Normally, I’m very good at complaining. But I had to be strapped down for most of an afternoon and into the evening to even begin to start to find something at all to complain about. That’s something special. Restriction wise, it’s easily on par with a vac bed, but you get more room to get comfortable, without having any sort of sense of there not being enough restraint. It’s so comfortable, I found the experience of sleeping in a normal bed a bit of a let down afterward.” —T.S.





“I tried out the table on November 17, 2017 for the first time. The table is very comfortable and well made. I have had two back surgeries in my past and this table was a delight to lay on. I would recommend this table to anyone.” —G.M.





“I have constant Lower back problems. I have tried other tables and within an hour or two things have become too sore. I slept overnight on the Asylumbed and it was amazingly comfortable. Ten hours later I didn’t want to get up.” – C.J.





Henry Ford may have said ‘[You] can have…any color… so long as it’s black,’ but at AsylumGear, we think your gear should match your colors, not the other way around. The AsylumBed does come standard in black, with customization available for a small additional charge. Blue and gunmetal gray? Can do. Yellow and black? Certainly. Pink and white? Consider it done. Engage us for a truly personalized creation.







We’re so proud of our AsylumBed, each hand-crafted one is invested with a serialized nameplate bearing the distinctive AsylumGear crest.






Experience the new definition of powerfully secure comfort.

The AsylumBed—You’ll beg NOT to be released.


Orders open early December 2017. Delivery begins late January, 2018. Order in time for the holidays and we’ll send you a beautifully packaged laser-engraved replica of the AsylumBed nameplate, numbered to match your own AsylumBed and very suitable for gifting, in your choice of glossy black or crystal clear.






Questions? Have a custom request? Please contact us at, and we’ll be happy to discuss how to make your dreams a reality.


*Prototype model shown. Production model may vary slightly from pictured.

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